Popular Questions

You are welcome to stop by for a tour during our office hours. Tours are currently by appointment only, please call the office to schedule a tour. We are sure you will see for yourself why we have been known as the West Coast’s premier pet care and boarding facility for over 50 years.

Monday - Friday

8am - 1pm & 3pm-6:30pm


8am-1pm only



Since caring for your pets is a 7 day a week job,  we try to give our staff a break on weekends for their own family time.  Historically the busiest times are dropping of on Saturday mornings and picking up on Sunday afternoons, so those are the hours we are open. 

We NEVER refuse dogs based on their breed. We do occasionally refuse a specific dog based on their individual behaviors. Any dog that puts staff members in danger will be refused.

We do not offer this at this time. We hope to be able to add some form of this to our exercise options in the future. 


Boarding Questions

We strongly discourage this. Most pets settle in easier when their owners aren’t present. Dogs easily reflect their owners feelings and if you’re upset about leaving them, this makes them upset and stressed. Also a new person back in the kennels will upset all the surrounding dogs and the noise and excitement makes it harder for both you and your pet. 

We will make rare exceptions on a case by case basis for the safety of your pet or staff.

For the safety of your pet, all pets must be on a leash or in a carrier.  Even small dogs that are carried must have a leash attached. If it is safe for your pet to stay in the car, or outside the office with a family member while you check in please do so. This makes it easier for you to go over your pets paperwork, and help us understand your pets needs without the distraction of your pet pulling on your arm or jumping on the counter.

ALL CATS MUST be in a carrier.  No cats will be carried loose upstairs or downstairs.  If you do not have a carrier, we will sell you one.  There is too much chance of intermingling between dogs & cats.

If your pet is taking medications we will require you to provide detailed medication information such as name of medication, dosages, reason being given and what side effects we should monitor for. For your convenience if you’d like to fill this out at home and bring it with you when you check in you can download it here.

Every dog receives a free play yard every day. But sometimes that’s not enough for young or energetic dogs. Different dogs enjoy different types of activities or interactions. So we try to offer a wide option for you to choose from, to fit your dogs energy level and personality. 

We require proof of current vaccinations and a deposit to hold your reservation. 

All canine guests must show proof of current DHPP combo, Rabies, and Bordetella are required. We also recommend  Canine Flu but it is not required. 

All feline guests must show proof of current FVRP combo and Rabies. Feline Leukemia is recommended but not required.


Health & Safety Questions

It depends on the severity. Sometimes we will just monitor or adjust care. If needed we will take your pet to the vet for consultation or treatment. We will always try to contact you by texting or calling to keep you informed. In severe cases, the vet may need your permission for certain tests or procedures. 

We have cement floors in all our runs, covered by cedar shavings. The shavings discourage fleas and absorb urine to keep you dog clean while he’s in his run. All of our play yards have grass and gravel.


Payment Questions

We offer a discount to multiple family pets staying together, a long-term discount for pets staying more than 30 days and a discount to 1st responders and active military in appreciation of their services. 

Medications are generally very important to your pets health and well-being and we want to be extra careful that they are handled and administered correctly. That means careful notes from the office staff and careful reading and measuring from our feeding staff. We will stay with each dog during feeding and make sure they really ingest that medication. We will be watching carefully for any symptoms that could indicate a problem and making notes for the next shift. All this takes time and the number of pets using medications has greatly increased in the last few years. We want to make sure we have enough staff to do this important job correctly. 

We have a limited number of runs and if you make a reservation and don’t show up, we have lost the ability to book a different pet into that run. That means lost income for us and an unhappy customer who got turned away because we thought you were coming. Requiring deposits lets us know that you’re serious about your reservation. We have a 3 day cancellation policy so if your plans change, your deposit can be refunded and we would still have time to book this run for a different pet. 

Because everything you sign up for requires more time from the staff. Our biggest cost at the kennel is wages, which continue to rise with Washington States Minimum Wage Laws. We have no volunteers on our staff because we can’t control the quality of their work. Everyone here is paid a wage and we want to ensure the best care for your pet. So instead of raising prices for all pets, we charge a little extra for the pets that take more time to care for. 

Caring for your pets is a 7 day a week - 365 days a year job. 

People travel more over the weekends and holidays, than during the week. 

We close the office on these peak travel days to ensure the staff can focus on the pets in our care, and still have the opportunity to spend time with their families.  Historically the busiest times are dropping of on Saturday mornings and picking up on Sunday afternoons, so those are the hours we are open. 

On Sundays, this does mean that by the time the office opens, your pet has received the majority of a day's care, including feeding, medication if applicable, playtimes, and the maintenance of their kennel run.